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MS250-A Geotechnical Drilling Machine with Automatic SPT

Introducing the MS 250-A: A Pioneering Geotechnical Drilling Machine Made in the Philippines

The MS 250-A Geotechnical Drilling Machine, proudly manufactured in the Philippines, represents a significant advancement in field operation efficiency. Designed for versatility, it enables swift switching between Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Hammer and Core Drilling without sacrificing performance. This innovation is further enhanced by its built-in water pump system, ensuring seamless operation in diverse drilling conditions. Moreover, the MS 250-A offers dual control modes, allowing operators to choose between manual and remote control, thereby accommodating various project requirements and enhancing safety on site. This machine sets a new standard in geotechnical drilling, combining efficiency, flexibility, and control.

Navigation System
navigation system

Navigation System

2400 RPM Rotation Head

Safety Cover for Drilling SPT

SPT Spoon with Plastic Catcher

Double Breakout Clamps

Joystick for Remote Control

Automatic SPT Hammer

Fuel Tank with Temperature Gauge

MS-250A Gallery: 

We can accommodate your color scheme preference

(Optional) - Utility Tilt Bed Trailer :

Download the specs and brochure here: 

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