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GeoMax Philippines
Zenith 60 GNSS Receiver

Geomax - Zenith60 GNSS Receiver

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Become more productive and efficient with the Zenith60’s calibration-free tilt capability, making every survey faster and more convenient. The antenna is resistant to magnetic interferences, so you can enjoy the comfort of knowing you can trust your data. When combined with GeoMax field controllers and X-PAD Ultimate field software, the Zenith60 reaches its maximum performance. X-PAD provides a comfortable user experience, reducing the need for training. In addition, software maintenance for X-PAD Ultimate comes at no extra cost. By keeping your X-PERT service active, you can continuously profit from the latest software improvements


Reliable technology

▪Calibration-free IMU technology

▪ Electromagnetic resistance

▪ 4G LTE module


▪ NovAtel measurement engine

Maximum flexibility

▪ Field controllers: Choose GeoMax or your own device

▪ With or without tilt capability and/or UHF module

Unique Software Suite

▪ No maintenance cost for field software

▪ Automatic data backup

▪ Collaborative Survey & Stakeout



GeoMax Zenith60 LTE

GeoMax Zenith60 LTE-UHF  GeoMax Zenith60 LTE-IMU

GeoMax Zenith60 LTE-UHF-IMU


RTK Hz: 8 mm ± 1 ppm (rms) V: 15 mm ± 1 ppm (rms) Network RTK Hz: 8 mm ± 0.5 ppm (rms) V: 15 mm ± 0.5 ppm (rms) Static Hz: 3 mm ± 0.5 ppm (rms) V: 5 mm ± 0.5 ppm (rms) Static long Hz: 3 mm + 0.1 ppm (rms) V: 3.5 mm + 0.4 ppm (rms) Code differential Hz: 0.25 m (rms) V: 0.50 m (rsm) Tilt compensated real-time kinematic Additional Hz uncertainty +/- 2 cm up to 30° tilt


Reliability 99.99% Measurement Engine NovAtel OEM7, 555 channels, multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPS tracking L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L2P, L5 GLONASS tracking L1 C/A, L2 C/A, L2P, L3* BeiDou tracking B1l, B1C, B2l, B2a, B2b, B3l Galileo tracking E1, E5a, E5b, AltBOC, E6* QZSS tracking L1 C/A, L1C, L2C, L5, L6* NavIC L5** SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, GAGAN) L1, L5 Precise Point Positioning (PPP) TerraStar C Pro, L-Band (opt) Positioning rate 5Hz, 20Hz (opt) Time for Initialization Typically 4s


Keyboard On/off button LED status indicators Position, RTK, Power, Bluetooth® Data recording Dual; microSD card and 8 GB internal memory GSM/TCP/IP Removable SIM card


RTK modes:  Selectable; Extra Safe, Standard

Tilt Compensation:  Calibration-free, Resistant to magnetic interferences


Dimensions Height 75 mm, ø 166.8 mm Weight 1.14 kg without batteries Operating temp. –40°C to 65°C Environmental protection IP68 (IEC 60529) Withstands powerful jets and temp. immersion under water MIL-STD-810G 1 506.6 & 1 512.6 Fully dust tight MIL-STD-810G 1 510.6 Humidity MIL-STD-810H 1 507.6 Vibration Mechanical stress resistant according to ISO 9022-36-05 Shock Withstands 2 m drop onto hard surface


4G LTE module QUECTEL EG25-G LTE FDD, LTE TDD, UMTS, GSM RTK data protocols RTCM 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, CMR, CMR+, RTCA, NOVATELX NMEA Output NMEA v3.1, NMEA v4.1 UHF radio module SATEL TR4+, 500mW, 1000mW transceiver, 403–473 MHz; (opt) Bluetooth® 2.1 +EDR, V5.0 QR-iConnect functionality WLAN 802.11 a/ac/b/g/n Hotspot / client mode TNC connector UHF antenna Communication port USB, serial & power


Two internal batteries Hot-swappable, Li-Ion 3.4 Ah / 7.2 V Operating time 12.5 h in static / 11 h in rover mode External power 9 V to 28 V, LEMO® plug

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