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Mobile Mapping available tool only in the Philippines
Mobile Mapping available tool only in the Philippines

GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon RT

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The ultimate mapping tool.

The ZEB Horizon, capture and understand the world around you - outdoors, indoors and underground.


GeoSLAM Connect

Automatic data processing.


Single-operation automated workflows including scan alignment and georeferencing.


Organise point clouds into projects for simplified data management.

Add on Draw software for taking measurements from your data.

ZEB Accesories

ZEB Vision - For colourised point clouds.

ZEB Pano - Add 360° panoramic photos to scans.

ZEB Pole - Elevate your device into ceiling voids.

ZEB Cradle - Lower your device into shafts.

ZEB Guard - Greater protection for vertical shafts

Car Mount - Flexible urban scanning.

UAV Mount - Flexible airborne integration.


Technical specification

Range: 100m

Laser:  Class 1 / λ 903nm\

FOV:  360° x 270° 

Protection class: IP 54

Processing: Post

Datalogger carrier: Backpack or shoulder strap

Scanner weight: 1.45kg

Datalogger weight (incl. battery): 1.4kg

Colourised point cloud: ✓*

Intensity: ✓*

Real-time processing:  ✓*

Scanner points per second:  300,000

No. of sensors :16

Vertical angular resolution:

Horizontal angular resolution: 0.2°

Relative accuracy:Up to 6mm ***

Raw data file size: 25 - 50MB / minute

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