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Mobile Scanner for Project
Mobile Scanner for Project

GeoSLAM ZEB Locate

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Georeference your point cloud.

Essential infrastructure is found mostly in easy to reach areas, but sometimes, a more mobile option is needed. The ZEB Locate is ideal when maintenance or inspection is needed on assets that should be inspected on foot


Collect and create an accurate point cloud in minutes, integrated with GPS location using GeoSLAM Connect. 

Enhance your ZEB Horizon workflow to support outdoor applications where location data is important.


Technical specification

Range: 100m

Accuracy:  1cm - 100cm**

FOV:  360° x 270° 

Dimensions: 130 x 60 mm

Weight: 5.5kg

Colourised point cloud: X

Intensity:  ✓

Scanner points per second:


No. of sensors: 16

Automated scanner start:  

Relative accuracy: Up to 6mm*

Raw data file size 100 - 200MB /min

GPS Antenna


1cm - 100cm** FOV 360° x 270°  Dimensions:

130 x 60 mm Protection class IP 54 Weight :

300g Processing Post

Mounting :

Easy push fit adaptors

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