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Mobile Scanner for Project
HANDHELD SCANNER  Car Mount for Zeb Horizon.png

GeoSLAM ZEB Car Mount

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Using the car mount, the ZEB Horizon can be securely mounted to a vehicle to collect data up to 30mph/48kmph. The car mount is suitable for collecting data for areas such as town centres, small roads and any projects that could be captured handheld.


Technical specification

Range: 100m

FOV : 360° x 270° 

Protection class:  IP 54

Processing:  Post

Weight:  4.6kg

Colourised point cloud: ✓

Intensity:  ✓

Referenced imagery: 

Scanner points per second:


No. of sensors: 16

Relative accuracy: Up to 6mm*

Raw data file size:  100 - 200MB /min

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