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LiDar for drones
Quality LiDar for Drones

LiAir  250 Pro

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Lightweight LiDAR scanning system

The LiAIR 250 Pro system is a lightweight multi-wavelength LiDAR system developed for multi-rotor platforms. It integrates a compact LiDAR system, an inertial navigation system, and a control system to collect massive amounts of high-precision point cloud data and rich image information. It can be used widely in the acquisition of 3D spatial information.


Extremely Compact Design

We’ve adopted a whole new approach to designing UAV LiDAR systems. Adopting only the best materi- als to bring you a payload of <1.9kg (excl. camera) keeping the focus on what really matters, the tech- nology.


Supports DJI M300 rapid deployment, direct power supply from the drone platform of your choice, and support multi-platform vehicle applications in cer- tain environmental scenarios. (such as vehicle plat- forms without DMI requirements).

Enhanced Performance

·    AGL: 80m, under standard operating environment, the error of the equipment system elevation is ≤3cm.
·    Fully automatic calibration system to increase the effective collection flight time of drone operations.
·    Supports Trimble RTX service (excl. subscription).
·    Dual storage mode design to increase the reliabili- ty of equipment in the field.

Convenient Web U.I Control

You can view and control the status directly through the browser, which is convenient for users to use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to quickly connect and control.


Weight :   1.9kg (+200g incl. camera)
Voltage:    12-32v
Ranging accuracy:    ±15mm
Scan range:   330m@80% reflectivity
System accuracy:    ±3cm@AGL 80m

Camera:    customized SONY 2430W camera (optional)
Laser sensor:    Riegl miniVUX-3 UAV
Target echoes per laser shot:    5
Scanning field of view angle:    up to 360°

Scan rate:    200,000pts/s

Heading accuracy:    0.08°
Attitude accuracy:    0.025°
IMU data frequency:    200hz
Preprocessing software:    LiGeoreference (proprietary) & Pospac

Post-processing software:    LiDAR360/LiPowerline (optional)
LiMapper (optional


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