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GreenValley International Philippines

LiAir X3-H

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Enhanced Lightweight UAV LiDAR System

LiAir X3-H is the newest compact, high-performance unit in the LiAir series by GreenValley International. It adopts a new integrated design style and integrates lightweight LiDAR, self-developed inertial navigation, a high-resolution mapping camera and on-board computer systems providing new levels of efficiency.


Lightweight & Simple

Integrated simple yet rugged design, allowing for protection against the elements with an IP54 rating. The operation interface is straightforward, 
allowing one touch operation for maximum efficiency

New Camera, providing ultra-clear picture quality

Built-in new high-resolution custom mapping camera, the image resolution is upgraded from 24 Megapixels to 26 Megapixels, allowing for high-quality true-color point clouds as well as orthophotos for Photogrammetry.

LiPlan Flight Assistance Software, making field work easy

LiPlan supports real-time point cloud display, parameter adjustment, and status monitoring. It can be directly installed on the M300 RTK remote controller and used in conjunction with the X3-H to help operators control the site conditions in real time.


System Parameters

Detection Range: 190m @ 10% reflectance 450m @ 80% reflectance

Dimensions: 136*106*129mm

Weight: 1.25kg

Voltage: 12~24V,0.9A @ 24VDC

Operating Temperature: -20~50℃

System Accuracy:(Vertical) 5cm @ 70m

Typical Flight Speed: 5-10 m/s

Internal Storage: 256G TF Card

Power Consumption: 22W

Storage Temperature: -30~60℃

Inertial Navigation System


Attitude: Accuracy 0.008°

Azimuth: Accuracy 0.038°

IMU Data Frequency: 200HZ


Post-Processing: LiDAR360

Flight Planning and Control Software: LiPlan

Pre-Processing: LiGeoreference

LiDAR Sensor Technical Parameters

Wavelength: 905nm

Range Accuracy: 2cm (1σ@20m)

Scan Rate: 720,000 points/s (Triple return)


Image Sensor: APS-C

Focal Length: 16mm/24mm

Pixels: 26 Megapixels

Image Size: 6252 x 4168

Scan Method: Repetitive Scan

Laser Class: Class1

FOV: 70.4°(Horizontal) ×4.5° (Vertical)

Returns: Up to 3 returns

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