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Quantum Systems Trinity Pro

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Next-gereration e VTOL fixed-wing mapping drone

Trinity Pro is the mapping drone for professionals. It features an extended flight time of 90 minutes and easy to use mission planning software QBase 3D. The choice of integrated cameras is unrivaled – RGB, Oblique, Multispectral and even LiDAR – making it the right tool for any mapping application.

Package Content

iBase Reference GNSS Base Station

Portable base station to enable high-precision PPK processing

Manual Controller

Wire-bound controller for manual intervention in critical flight phases or emergency situations

USB ADS-B Receiver Set

Integrates Live-Air-Traffic-Info into QBase

3 Battery Packs and 1 Charger Unit

Air Data Probe


QBase 3D Software – Ground Control Station

Mission Planning Software, including QBase Modem Longrange 2.4 GHz and cable

Lightweight Transport Case



Max. Take-off Weight:

5.75 kg (12.7 lbs)

Max. Flight Time: 90+min 1 2

Max. Range = Area : 100 km 700 ha

Maximum Flight Altitude (MSL):

5500 m (18045 ft)

Command and Control Range 5:

–7.5km (3.1–4.7mi)

Optimal Cruise Speed:

17 m/s (33 kn)

Wind Tolerance Hover Phase (take-off/landing) :

up to 11 m/s (21.4 kn) 3 4

Wind Tolerance Continuous (cruise):

14 m/s (27.2 kn)

Wind Tolerance Gusting (cruise) :

18 m/s (35 kn) Operating Temperature Range:

-12°C to 50°C (10.4°F to 122°F) Wingspan:

2.394 m (7.85 ft)

Transport Case:

(39.4 x 32.7 x 10.6 inch) 1002 x 830 x 270 mm IP

Ingress Rating:  IP 55


Sony RX1R II

Art.: 4260574665517

CMOS full-frame sensor and fixed focal length lens.

42.4 MP resolution.

Oblique D2M

Art.: 4260574665531

Features five separate lenses and sensors (1 nadir, 4 oblique) at 26 MP each, to capture high resolution RGB imagery.

MicaSense RedEdge-P

Art.: 4260574665562

Multispectral camera featuring five spectral bands (red, green, blue, red-edge and near infrared) and a panchromatic sensor. Calibration panel DLS2 not included.

Qube 240 LiDAR

Art.: 4260574665524

Active LiDAR system with 240,000 points per second. Includes one year of Yellowscan CloudStation software

MicaSense Altum-PT

Art.: 4260574665555

Multispectral camera featuring five high resolution spectral bands (red, green, blue, red-edge and near infrared), a panchromatic sensor and a thermal infrared sensor. Calibration panel DLS2 not included.


DLSII Kit (Plug & Play)

for enhanced light calibration

Art.: 4260574665739

Mandatory for MicaSense camera to achieve optimal results.

Calibrated Reflectance Panel (CPC)

Art.: 4260574660758

Mandatory for MicaSense cameras to achieve optimal results.

Trinity Pro DLSII Mount Kit

Art.: 4260574665746



CloudStation Core

Art.: 4260574663322 Special version for Qube 240 annual license (2nd and following years)

CloudStation Core

Art.: 4260574665395 Special version upgrade to perpetual license including 1 year software maintenance.

CloudStation Strip Adjustment Module Annual license

Art.: 4260574663056

CloudStation Strip Adjustment Module Upgrade to perpetual license

Art.: 4260574665401

CloudStation Terrain Module Annual license

Art.: 4260574663353

CloudStation Terrain Module Upgrade to perpetual license

Art.: 4260574665418

Applanix POSPac UAV

Annual subscription

Art.: 4260574663063

Applanix POSPac UAV

Perpetual license, with one year maintenance

Art.: 4260574663070

Applanix POSPac UAV

1-year subscription for software maintenance

Art.: 4260574663797

CloudStation Colorization from Orthophoto Module

Annual subscription

Art.: 4260574664992

CloudStation Colorization from Orthophoto Module

Perpetual license

Art.: 4260574665487

CloudStation Colorization

Upgrade to perpetual license

Art.: 4260574665494


1-year software maintenance for perpetual bundle (Core, Strip, Terrain, Colorization)

Art.: 4260574664992

Post-processed Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Subscription (6 months)

Art.: 4260574664909

Post-processed Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Subscription (12 months)

Art.: 4260574664916


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